Free entrance at the Cairo's opera for the 4th anniversary of the Revolution ! 2
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Juli Choquet
Thursday 29 June 2017 Last update on Thursday, June 29, 2017 At 3:49 PM

The 30th of June, the Cairotte unhabitants will be pleased to hear music for free. For the special anniversary day of the revolution that ousted Mohammed Morsi from power, the Al Sissi government is willing to offer opera for those who generally cannot afford it.

One of the slogan used by the demonstrators on the 2013 Revolution

The D day of the fourth revoluton anniversary will offer a set of various cultural projects around Egypt and especially in Cairo the capital. The government will announce hour per hour all along the day the large number of celebrations taking place around the country. At the moment, only about opera openning for free has been advertised.

Back in 2013 on the 30th of june, around 12 millions of Egyptians were standing up in the street against muslim brotherhoods and islamic parties to demand Mohammed Morsi to resign. The bone of contention was about the 2012 constitution wrote by islamists.

The crownd of protesters partly triggered by the Tamarrud movement were chanting “the people want to down the regime” at the wordwide known Tahir place. Few weeks after (during the night of the 3rd and the 4th of July 2013), the general Al-Sissi was announcing president Morsi destitution.  

Nowadays some Egyptian and international observers identify this day as the start of the Al-Sissi Coup d’Etat although his supporters are considering the 30th of june as an historical moment for the nation that deserve a special celebration.


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