Morocco: why an essential oil treatment is a revolutionary innovation? 2
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Juli Choquet
Tuesday 18 July 2017 Last update on Tuesday, July 18, 2017 At 4:37 PM

The European Patent Office gave a special price to a Moroccan doctor who has developed an essential oil drug to displace the traditional antibiotic.

Doctor Adnane Remmal from the Sidi Ben Abdallah University of Fès could potentially changed the way the body is reacting toward drugs. Indeed he has created a new form of treatment with essential oil to avoid the antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotic resistance are coming from an excess consumption of the chemical substances as penicillin which have the capacity to inhibit the growth or to destroy bacteria. In other worlds Antibiotic are a strong help to beat infectious disease but in a long term the bacteria could resist and the body might become inefficient to adapt.

Essential oils are in comparison a natural help to fight against infections without those mentioned outcomes. The oils combinations in the reverse stimulate the germ resistance of the body who has now to fight on his own. For the Worldwide Health Organisation, the lack of the body resistance is indeed “one of the biggest threat in the planet” against the human lives.

Before 2018, Adnane Remmal hopes to commercialise his product in Morocco first and then penetrate into the European market. Essential oil being a part of the ancestral Moroccan culture, the doctor thinks this kind of product could easily be given to cure benign disease.

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