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Juli Choquet
Wednesday 26 July 2017 Last update on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 At 9:34 AM

Mohamed Zinelabidine the ministry of the Cultural Affairs in Tunisia has announced a partnership with “Google Special Collects” to allow tourists from every part of the world to virtually visit the country. The number of those tourists could reach 1 billion people a year!

El Jem Amphithatre, Governorate of Madhia, Tunisia.

The Google Special Collects is an innovative tool that is gathering visual data from Google Street View to create the design of a parallel world. The idea to spread the technology over tourism is quite new and no doubts that it will be extend to many countries.

Tunisia is largely dependant toward tourism attendance. The country has signed an agreement up with Google to promote the rich cultural heritage of the country. Indeed if some fears that the tool could hurdle touristic attendance, some others thinks at the reverse that it could help the country to overcome the tourism sector difficulties.

Moreover the Google Special Collects could be use by the Tunisians themselves to virtually visit some part of their culture they might ignore.

For the Tunisian ministry of the Cultural Affairs, this is a great occasion for the people to discover the different historical period that Tunisia has been through so far: The Hannibal city of Carthage, Utique the 1st Phoenician counter, the Punic city of Kerkouen and of course the National Bardo Museum or the great El Jem amphitheatre (that you can discover with the link just below).

The teaser from Google Arabia and the Tunisian Ministry of Culture presenting El Jem amphitheatre. 

The golden age of the Islamic civilisation period will be available soon by typing Kairouan, Madhia or Sousse on your keyboard.

The ministry hopes that the Tunisian heritage will be share as much as possible and that initiative will help the tourist to come back and the enterprise to invest into “this great country”.

Discover out our latest video about the economic news in Tunisia : 

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