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Juli Choquet
Friday 28 July 2017 Last update on Friday, July 28, 2017 At 8:46 AM

The Minister of Energy and Water Cesar Abi Khalil is dedicated to support energy transition within the country. Ecomnews Med met Pierre El Khoury, Director of the LCEC (Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation). He details what is the strategic plan of the country to ensure a sustainable transition.

The goal of Lebanon is clear: be one of the first Middle East country to turn into green energy to 2020. Pierre El Khoury explains: “our objectives are to reach 12% renewable energy to 2020, and to achieve 5% saving in terms of energy consumption”.

To change the way Lebanon is producing energy, the LCEC experts works on different sources of innovation to multiply the sustainable engineering solutions. If Lebanon is already producing energy with hydropower plant since 1930’s, a lot as to be done with solar boiler, wind turbine or photovoltaic power plant.

Pierre El Khoury, Director of the LCEC

Pierre El Khoury believes that “we are on the right path”. “The Ministry of Energy and Water is completely dedicated to this sector and the LCEC is dedicated as well (…) and hopefully soon Lebanon will be achieving the national goal.

A sustainable energy to Lebanon could prevent the country from a foreign energetic dependence and could be more affordable for the Lebanese people in a country where electricity cuts are quite common.

One of the programms supported by LCEC


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