1.6 million $ invested by the US to Moroccan Associations 2
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Juli Choquet
Thursday 21 September 2017 Last update on Thursday, September 21, 2017 At 2:03 PM

The US Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) announced that they are going to help Moroccan organizations including NGO (Non Governmental Organizations) and companies.

The MEPI aims to develop stability and prosperity to the Middle East for 14 years. They are mostly helping NGO (Non Governmental Organizations) and companies who are targeting their work into Participatory Governance, Economic reform and Educational Advancement.

The MEPI received so far 100 proposals into various field. They selected 13 organisations that are working on employment opportunities and jobs creation, empowerment to disabled people, former detainee’s social integration and general aspects for promoting entrepreneurship.

The American Embassy to Morocco is supporting the MEPI project and declares that those kinds of initiatives are pushing for greater partnership between US and Morocco.

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