Are the United States could secure Tunisian bonds? 1
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Juli Choquet
Thursday 2 November 2017 Last update on Thursday, November 2, 2017 At 2:52 PM

Tunisia is about to ask the United States 500 million $ guarantees to secure its bond. Since the Jasmin revolution, the country has developed a financial oriented diplomacy to secure investments.

John Kerry (previous Foreign Affairs Secretary) addressing vows to the local staff of the American Embassy to Tunis last year.

500 million $ should be requested from Tunisia to the United State. The idea is to secure investments and futures loans for the country. If the United States gives a favourable answer, the country should benefit from an international recognition of its loan status. In this way, Tunisian companies keep applying for loans. If companies continue to invest in their respective market, then the country should have a chance in coming out of the economic crisis affecting the country since 2012. Investments should create in any case employment especially highly educated ones.

This is the fourth time that Tunisia is asking a back-up from Washington. The United States which has many interests into the peace process and into the financial prosperity of the country (as the European Union does) should accept the request. Since 2011, 1,5 billion dollars were already granted to Tunisia. The first guarantee gave in 2012 was for 485 million dollars and the second in 2015 reached 500 million dollars. In June 2016, Washington accepted another 500 Million dollars guarantees.

Until 2018, Tunisia is required to get 3 billion dollars foreign loans. Without it, Tunisia will not be secured enough to get into the international bond market.

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