Moroccan export rose up to 9% in 2017 2
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Juli Choquet
Wednesday 17 January 2018 Last update on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 At 11:54 AM

The last statistics on export per industrial sector were just released this week. Ecomnews Med explores them for you to understand the trade balance evolution in the Kingdom.

In a world, were trade remains unstable depending on political factors, Morocco is step by step developing a comfortable trade policy. The textile industry registered 5.9% growth and new industries as electronic devises, automobiles or aeronautics provided altogether 6,95 billion euros currencies to the country.

But the significant change is the raw materials renowned staple for the Moroccan economy being sidelined. This is the first time that in the economic history of the country that the tourism (providing 69,6 MMDH), the Moroccan living abroad (providing 65,3 MMDH) or the phosphate (providing 44 MMDH) are generating fewer revenues than the so-called « new industries ».

As a reminder, PSA and BYD, both carmakers from France and China might largely increase the automobile part of the export once the manufactures will be running at a full speed.

On the other side, agriculture is confirming a leader position into the export part. Agribusiness industry engaged 61% of the general export.

The trade deficit of Moroccan is after the official report due to the equipment goods (representing 105,5 MMDH) if the analysis excludes hydrocarbon imports. A good new for the sources of investments.

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