Egyptian presidential election to be held from the 26th to the 28th of March 2
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Juli Choquet
Friday 19 January 2018 Last update on Friday, January 19, 2018 At 9:50 AM

The third presidential election after the 2011 revolution will be held in March announced the national election Authority’s president Lachine Ibrahim. Analysis of a compromised elections in a country under the Al-Sissi military control.

In 2014, the Egyptian presidential election rallied only 47,5% of the population.

The people of Egypt will vote in March for the first round of a presidential election which is probably not leaving a mere suspense. After the announcement on January the 14th, from Ahmed Chafik the main Fatah Al-Sissi rival to withdraw his candidacy, the current president remains the frontrunner despite 4 others candidacy.

A deadline for the running presidents fixed for the 29th of January 2018

Elected in 2014 with 96,9% of the ballot in a presidential election with no other candidacy, Abdel Fattah Al-Sissi declared against his will for running a second political mandate.

Questions remain about the abilities for the other candidates to collect enough financial and human resources owned by the unique actual president. Lachine Ibrahim, the National Election Authority, remind that 20 MP’s sponsorship or 25 000 voters support in 15 different counties were necessary to submit his candidacy. The deadline is fixed for the 29th of January 2018.

Who are the potential candidates?

The first among the potential candidate is Sami Anan, former chief Army Staff from the Egyptian Arab Party. Remind us that this one already ran for the 2014 presidency before withdrawn his candidacy one month before the term. Sami Anan is a Human Right Defensor, fighting for justice in the country. He is under a condemnation for having jeopardised the public decency: a sentence he appealed from.

The second one is the sulfurous president of the football club Zamalek Mortada Mansour, an MP famous for his straight talk. But he has a problem to reunify enough signature.

The lawyer Khaled Ali et Mohamed Anwar al-Sadat is the nephew of the former president Mohamed al-Sadat.

Consequently, the only serious candidacy remains Mohamed Anwar al-Sadat, former MP who has been banned from the Parliament by his colleagues favourable to the current president. Anwar al-Sadat is one of the main opponents of the regime but he is delaying his candidacy. The announcement might come next week.

A structural opponent forces deficit

Giving that, the colonel Ahmed Konsawa was arrested for « disturbing behaviours against the military requirement », and the Muslim brothers banned (some of them were sentenced to death penalty at the Al-Sissi coup), the reelection of the president is no longer a doubt.

The official list of the running candidate will be proclaimed on the 31st January by the National Election Authority.

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