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Juli Choquet
Tuesday 30 January 2018 Last update on Tuesday, January 30, 2018 At 11:18 AM

The country registered around 1,7 billion of dollars with oils import. This is a rise of 51% compared to last year. Ecomnews Med details you the report of the ministry of trade of Algeria.

Mohamed Benmeradi, Ministry of Trade of the government of Algeria.

The country registered a general rise of the imports. Indeed the agrarian goods pay 538 million of dollars in 2017 compared to 453 million of dollars in 2016. Food products represented 7,7 billion dollars against 7,53 billion last year.

The Non-food Consumable products were reported to pay 7,77 billion dollars compared to 7,65 billion dollars previously.

On the other side, the industrial goods decreased by 10% (12,7 billion dollars against 14,1 billion dollars).

The singularity of the Algerian imports is based on the cash payment that contributes over 25,85 billion of dollars representing 60% of the overall imports.

The top five commercial partnership were in 2017: Italy with 5 billion dollars bill (representing 16% of the overall export), France with 3,84 billion dollars, Spain with 3,68 billion dollars, United State with 2,92 billion dollars, and Brazil with 1,95 billion dollars.

The main providers of Algeria are without any surprises China with 7,8 billion dollars (representing 18% of the overall import), France with 3,8 billion dollars, Italy with 3,35 billion dollars, Spain with 2,83 billion dollars and Germany with 2,7 billion dollars.

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