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Sami Bouzid
Thursday 15 February 2018 Last update on Thursday, February 15, 2018 At 4:11 PM

Letitia Gallery opened last February 1, with the exhibition « Under the Same Moon » by Eileen Cooper.

Hamra neighborhood in Beirut

A hundred square-meter space, in the heart of Beirut and Hamra neighborhood. The new art Gallery founded by Mohamed Al Hamoud and Annie Vartivarian will focus on contemporary art.

A story of passion “My passion for contemporary art has been developing over many years of fascination with both Middle Eastern and international artists” says Annie Vartivarian in an interview for harpersbazaararabia.

The Gallery will receive local and international artists. For the first exhibition, Letitia Gallery opens its doors to Eileen Cooper. The British artist draws inspiration from Beirut’s “a safe harbor”  like she said. After a trip around Lebanon «My first experience of the Middle East». The artist became intrigued by the country. When she returns to London, she began reading and discovered how different civilizations «influenced and merged together». Cooper’s canvases become quickly an interpretation of Lebanese myths.

Eileen Cooper is the first step of the new Gallery goals. Annie Vartivarian aims to organize four of five exhibitions per year, including upcoming shows by Nathaniel Rackowe, Alejandro Ospring, and Ahmed Badry.

Eileen Cooper work is already on view and will stay at Letitia Gallery through April 2018.

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