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Juli Choquet
Tuesday 27 February 2018 Last update on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 At 4:06 PM

The country is facing a challenging economic growth. Why are some sectors much more optimistic than others? Ecomnews Med suggests you an overview of the Tunisian economy realities.

If the Tunisian tourism seems to come back to the game with 6,7 million tourists registered in 2017, the Government wants to get above 8 million visitors in 2018. On top of the rising number of visitor, the country wants to grow the profit rate spent by tourist.

The Agriculture represents almost 15% of the annual GDP. Especially thanks to the 80 million euros profits made by the dates market in 2017. Those recent years, Olive oil got awarded many times.

The industrial sector could be an open door for the annual growth. Indeed no real industry policy had been promoting through the country yet. However, innovation as just been exploited ranking 43rd Tunisia among the top 50 most innovative nation.

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