Sursock Museum to welcome Pierre Sadek work
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Sami Bouzid
Friday 2 March 2018 Last update on Friday, March 2, 2018 At 11:38 AM

Pierre Sadek was one of the most famous Lebanese caricaturists. The cartoonist worked since the 1950's until his death in 2013 and a part of his work is today the subject of the exhibition entitled Picturing History.

Copyright: Pierre Sdaek Foundation 

Timeless work: This is probably the best definition of Sadek’s work, during a half-century, the cartoonist expressed his political analyses, and defend a free expression.

The gallery exhibits 720 of his drawings until April 30, a little part of its 30.000 cartoons, TV animations, and book covers that document the political scene in Lebanon and the region. Wars, occupation, events, Pierre Sadek drew of all these in his way: Caricature.

Describe by the museum as “a man of such few words teetered on the abyss of silence” Pierre Sadek is known for“his sensitivity to peoples’ pain”.

The exhibition contains a « censorship room » “he was threatened and arrested by the authorities and almost kidnapped in 1975” said Sadek’s daughter to Al-Monitor. Ghada Dadek Abel, is the founder of Pierre Sadek Foundation with an objective: “preserve his work and pass it on to the next generation”. The foundation aims to organize conferences and discussions about his work and life, and also an annual caricature competition named La Plume de Pierre (Pierre’s Pen).

The exhibition is an exploratory journey into the work of a cartoonist who created images that served to record history and sometimes helped make it. You can discover it until April 30.

The museum Nicolas Ibrahim Sursock, named after its founder, is the museum of modern art in Beirut, Lebanon. It is located on Sursock Street, in the heart of the prestigious historic district of Achrafieh. 

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