One week before presidential elections, what is the economic context of Egypt? 1
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Juli Choquet
Thursday 22 March 2018 Last update on Thursday, March 22, 2018 At 10:58 AM

The country will vote on Monday. Despite many loans and support gave by international financial institutions, the economy remains vulnerable.

In Egypt citizen claims a day-to-day vision of life as the structure of the economy is not yet stable. Many of them are affected by a lack of a decent income. However, the government rose the minimum wage fixed at 1 200 Egyptian pounds (68,10 $ a month), the inflation rate deteriorated the social situation. To compare, the minimum wage in 2013 was equivalent to 174$.

The unemployment rate decreased since 2013: the worst year for Egypt as 13,2 million of Egyptians were unemployed after the Brooking Institute study. In 2017, the official of unemployed people was of 11,6 million. Still, unofficial unemployment could be largely higher especially for the young aged under 30.

Amidst an extremely tense social and economic context in Egypt, and the sole candidate running for the presidency being Abdel Fattah El Sissi, the country benefits from Financial international supports.

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