In Tunisia, supplies are sufficient enough for the Ramadan! 2
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Tuesday 24 April 2018 Last update on Tuesday, April 24, 2018 At 8:33 AM

The trade minister Omar Behi announced that Tunisia will have enough supplies for the Ramadan. Each year though, the country is facing issues to get enough meat and have to export them. How is the government organising the blessed month?

Omar Behi the Tunisian Ministry of Trade, reassured his citizen about the Ramadan supplies in the country. Indeed 30 millions litres of milk have been stocked along with 46 million of eggs. During the whole summer season, 11 000 tones of poultry will be produced every month. Red meat will be imported to cover the needs of the Muslim holy month starting on May the 15th.

Concerning fruits and vegetables, 5 000 tonnes of potatoes have already been imported by the OCT (Tunisian Trade Office). The GIfruits, the professional fruit group released a special strategy for the Ramadan period of time.

The group ensure consumers that Dates, for example, will be sold at a decent price and in a sufficient quantity to allow every Tunisian to access it. Dates are a special fruit for the Ramadan, as they mark the fasting break and consequently have something blessed.

The ministry of Agriculture followed the same track especially on olive oil which could register this year a harvest record!

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