Mapp Up: Africa seen through local eye 1
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Nour Ben Omar
Tuesday 22 May 2018 Last update on Tuesday, May 22, 2018 At 2:25 PM

Mapp Up is a video-sharing platform, launched by Slice Up, a non-profit association, willing to democratize digital narrative tools. This freely accessible platform allows others to immerge themselves in Africa and discover positive local projects.

Slice Up trains people by giving them the tools needed to relate their own stories through their smartphones. In concrete forms, Slice Up teaches them how to compose, frame and edit video (technical skills), but also how to tell their own story (distributing content) throughout Africa. Journalists, geographers, painters, actors can follow those training programmes available in Mauritania, Mali and Benin for instance.

Then, in addition to Slice Up’s staff and ambassador networks, people following those trainings can share videos on Mapp Up, then they can broadcast original contents and capture everyday life stories through “interviews”, “reports” and “ambience”. For instance, people could watch a traditional wedding within Senegal, or a local football match in Algeria… 

As stated by Atlas of the Future, the two founders, Elsa Miské and Nicolas Baillergeau, “wanted to take action to disrupt the reductive version of African countries that they were seeing in the media”.

According to Elsa Miske, this vision “affects popular belief, and that has effects on the everyday lives of millions of people. A lot of young Africans have a tendency to think their country is bad. We want people to have a good image of themselves so they can love themselves”.

Overall, geolocated stories can be uploaded and gathered on one map. 53 stories have been mapped so far in Algeria, Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Benin and South Africa…

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