Climate change : the CMI wants to approach the issue from the perspective of renewable energies. 4
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Nour Ben M'Barek
Friday 25 May 2018 Last update on Friday, May 25, 2018 At 12:23 PM

The strategy of the Marseille-based Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) is to help the integration of Mediterranean countries in one whole area by defining vectors of integration between both shores. Climate change is, in that matter, a huge program within the new strategy established by the Director Blanca Moreno Dodson. Interview.

“We want to build alliances and synergies with partners”

During an international Workshop on Climate Change held in Marseille last week, Blanca Moreno Dodson agreed to explain to us why this topic was one of CMI’s most important programs. The goal is to approach that issue in terms of integration and so, the Lead Economist with the Public Sector Governance Group in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) at the World Bank, considers that the Center “ is willing to build alliances and synergies with partners, that’s why climate change is one of our programs and we try to approach the issue from the perspective of energy integration”.

So, although CMI is not specialized in environmental issues, it has to “look at the repercussions in terms of adaptation and try to identify solutions”. The point would be to take advantage of the spatial proximity of the European Market and its connections to South Countries. According to Bianca Moreno Dodson, this vector is to be seen as “an opportunity to develop renewable energies” to answer the issue of carbon emission for example.

Blanca Moreno Dodson (left), CMI.

“The Mediterranean coutries conceal renewable energy sources which are an opportunity”

Therefore, the CMI wants to concentrate on expanding renewable energies and also building a strong  basis for the interconnections between the southern and northern countries. The Mediterranean area could become a large market that “should integrate all of them”. The economist underlines the fact that the basin is targeted because it suffers “consequences of climate change much more than other regions of the world.”

”Technology and innovations can help face the challenges of Climate Change”

Moreover, the CMI wants to promote and boost renewable energies in the Mediterranean countries as they conceal potentialities of renewable energies like wind, sun and water. To that extent, technologies and innovations can help face the challenges of Climate Change. On the other hand, Blanca Moreno Dodson stressed that “the demand fluctuates but the infrastructures are not so flexible”, consequently, the strategy of the Center is to “facilitate exchanges between countries to allow them to respond to the flexibility of the market to respond to the fluctuation of demand which is essential.”

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