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Friday 14 September 2018 Last update on Friday, September 14, 2018 At 7:45 AM

The Trump administration has agreed to provide Egypt with $1.2 billion in military aid to recognise the steps that the country has taken in response to U.S. concerns.

US-Egyptian military cooperation advances in a positive way. The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has authorized the release of $1.2 billion in US military assistance to Egypt, despite criticizing the ongoing human rights concerns that have hampered previous funding.

U.S. lifts the hold on military aid to Egypt

The Trump Administration has agreed to release $1.2 billion in military aid to Egypt despite human rights concerns to recognise “steps Egypt has taken over the last year in response to specific US concerns”. The U.S. Department of State recently announced that it is informing Congress that Mike Pompeo has signed national security waivers allowing the $1.2 billion known as foreign military financing to be spent.

Egyptian MPs thus insist that the U.S. is providing military and economic assistance without seeking to middle in the country’s internal affairs to its own benefit. The financial military assistance includes $1 billion appropriated for the current 2018 budget year and $195 million that was frozen in 2017 over allegations of democracy breaches and human rights.

U.S.-Egypt military ties were also strained under the Obama Administration which withheld the US military assistance following the ouster of Mohammed Morsi as president of Egypt. The Obama administration has released the aid two years later following the election of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.

The Trump administration to form a closer military alliance with Egypt

Military and defence alliance is the backbone of U.S.-Egypt relations since the signing of the agreement known as the Camp David Accords in September 1978 that had led the conclusion of the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty on March 1979. The United-States has thus provided Egypt with $1.3 billion in annual military assistance since 1987.

The latter had become the fifth biggest recipient of US foreign economic and military aid after Israel, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.

When asked, during an exclusive interview with Al-Ahram Daily Newspaper, if U.S Egyptian strong bilateral ties were not affected by last year’s US decision to partially cut military financial assistance to Egypt, the U.S Army General Joseph Votel answered that his mission is indeed “to ensure that cooperation between us is not affected by such decisions and that they advance in a positive way”.

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