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Juli Choquet
Wednesday 10 May 2017 Last update on Wednesday, May 10, 2017 At 4:35 PM

At the age of 69 the Israeli State has 8 680 000 habitants. From sources over the Central bureau of statistics we aim to explain those datas.

A demographic progress of 2% in a year

15 200 000 is the number of habitant that Israel projects for 2048: the centenary of the independance of the Hebraic country. The central bureau of Statistics has just published his annual report and has announced 2% of a demographic progress compared to last year. The population growth was usually about 1.9% per year.

The population growth comprised between the year 2016 and 2017 (the jewish calendar overlap 2 civil years) show that in a year 44 000 people passed away, 174 000 babies were born on the territory, added by 30 000 immigrants registered.

Why a constant progress over the Israeli demography?

Thanks to the rising of life expectancy, the average has turned into 84.5 for females and 80.9 for males in 2015 although it was 67.6 for female and 65.9 for male in 1949.

Secondly the number of Israeli immigrants rose in itself. Indeed 75% of the jewish around the world were born in Israel and half of them were coming from the 2nd generations. This tendancy has of course reinforce the demographic progress in Israel.

Thirdly, if the jewish part of the population around the world has feebly increased, we can notice that this population has been more attracted by the Hebraic state. Indeed in 1948 on the 11.5 million of jews worldwide, only 6% were living in Israel. Today 43% of the 14.4 million of jews around the world are living in Israel.

A noticeable evolution of the communities distribution as well as the national birth rate

The average growth rate for the diferent communities inside the Israeli society has changed as well. The jewish residents represent today 74.4% of the population – meanning a bit less than 6 million and a half people -, although arab population is around 20% – 1.8 milions – and the other communities including the non-arab christians represents 4.4% of the global Israeli population.

This dynamic is looking quite stable. Since 2015 the birth rate from the jewish and the arab community is equal. Indeed this average at that time was of 3.17 children per arab female and of 3.13 children per jewish female.

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