Netanyahu visited France to commemorate the Vel d’Hiv roundup 2
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Juli Choquet
Monday 17 July 2017 Last update on Monday, July 17, 2017 At 1:08 PM

The Prime Minister of Israel have been to an historical visit to France to commemorate the deportation of 13 152 Jews. Ecomnews Med explain to you why is that official presence is so important for the both countries.

The 16th and the 17th of July 1942, 13 152 French Jews were deported by the French authority and handed over the Nazi. Less than 100 people have survived with no children among them. The new French president Emmanuel Macron wanted a commemoration of the roundup with the Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu to fully stick to the crime recognition by the French government.

Jacques Chirac was the first president to recognise the French authorities as fully guilty in July 1995. Emmanuel Macron who has tackled the far right party about the Vel d’Hiv polemic during the campaign wanted to stand with Netanyahu to reaffirm the recognition of the event.

For the Prime Minister, it is an occasion to reinforce the holocaust commemoration to make sure that it “will never happen again”. Netanyahu who is now in Hungary to meet with Orban president wants to campaign against neo anti-Semitism and fight against all forms of extremism.

Beyonf the crime recognition, his official visit in France is a turning point for the Israeli-European relationships.

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