How Fiat Chrysler is getting into the automobile market in Algeria ? 2
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Juli Choquet
Thursday 20 July 2017 Last update on Thursday, July 20, 2017 At 2:34 PM

The great Italian Company is dreaming of an Algerian expansion over the automobile market. Indeed the current position of the country is quite advantageous for the enterprise whose willing to set up outsourcing there.

After an official press release Mahdjoub Bedda, the Algerian ministry of Industry welcomed the Italian ambassador to Algeria Pasquale Ferrara to discuss over the Fiat Chrysler Company settlement in the country.

The ambassador has bring a Fiat Chrysler’s team over the appointment to inform the ministry about the state of the business development which has already started. Indeed Fiat Chrysler aims to develop outsourcing within the country that could potentially create thousands of jobs.

Then Mahdjoub Bedda has informed the Italian delegation about the legal framework that could be arranged. Indeed Algeria needs more than ever to gain sources of production inside the country instead of importing from abroad. The action plan of the government is much more going into a local production -even an Italian one- than into an importation policy.

Nevertheless the ministry has clearly announced that he will advantage the SMEs development instead of great company expansion.

Pasquale Ferrara in her side has invited Algeria to open up bilateral relationship with the Italian government. She noted that she is pushing for all the Italian economical actors to come and settle in Algeria.

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