Jwebi : a Tunisian success story 2
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Juli Choquet
Thursday 3 August 2017 Last update on Thursday, August 3, 2017 At 3:36 PM

2 young workers half French half Tunisian created a start-up to facilitate the administrative document’s procurement. Focus on an innovative idea that worth to be known.

Bayrem Foudhaili and Asma Ben Jemaa got their ideas at the beginning of the collaborative platform development around the world. Both of them were living in the United State where they worked. Being bored to obtain a package from the Tunisian post at the Internet age, they thought it might the right time to do something.

They created a “land page” to receive experiences from many people around the world. The problem is not only coming from Tunisia actually. Indeed anybody who has experienced leave abroad has once faced this issue. A first version of the site was launched and Jwebi was born.

The system is quite simple: anybody who wants to send or buy a good from abroad could create a profile and be connected. Then the site is a crownshipping platform where people can help each other. Meaning that, people are transporting goods from a place to another against what they receive a small amount of money. The payment is secured and the carrier is engaged into respecting delivery time. 

So far 20 000 users are referenced to the start-up. Bayrem Foudhaili and Asma Ben Jemaa are now waiting for a web development hinged on third fundings to be implemented this year.

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