A joint program brings American & Israeli entrepreneurs to innovation 2
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Juli Choquet
Friday 4 August 2017 Last update on Friday, August 4, 2017 At 1:05 PM

The Excel Venture Program aims to facilitate innovation between young from Israel an the United State. 6 teams presented their project to the program.

Israeli elite graduated from the Army and Americans from high-ranking universities are collaborating into their project on two subjects: safety at construction sites and employee engagement’s monitoring. The Excel Venture Program let the opportunities for entrepreneurs to brainstorming, and taking contact with local start-up in Tel Aviv. Together they pitched their start-up in front of leading members of the Israeli Tech community, CEO and supporters.

The 6 weeks Program frame their ideas by structuring like an internship where they remain free to innovate. At the end, a business plan must have been completed, marketed and their respective mentors help them to fundraise a little bit. For example the Sapyen team created an app that register people who care to help the elderly in order to inter-connect the generation although Cherfas another team from last year coded the website in just 120 hours.

The program aims to build commitment over the different projects. Indeed they trust into the future of those young entrepreneurs and continue to facilitate communication bridges between them and their mentors, interested CEO ect. It is also the opportunity for the American to achieve a first business travel in Israel. The organisers hopes it will be beneficial for the Start-Up Nation to have connection from people they know around the United State.

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