Tunisian banks are increasing their share capital 1
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Juli Choquet
Tuesday 22 August 2017 Last update on Tuesday, August 22, 2017 At 8:43 AM

Like the Banque de l’Habitat, several Tunisians banks opened capital increase to reach more shareholders. This operation should gathered 100 millions dollars to the bank.

The shareholders of the Banque de l’Habitat are invited to statute at the General Assembly over the capital increase in upcoming September 7th. Thanks to the transfer, the bank should get from 70 to 100 millions dollars. 

6,8 millions stocks would be handed over shareholders already owning at least 5 shares from the bank. The share capital will also increase by capitalising reserves not exceeding 14 millions of dollars. The 6,8 millions stocks will be part of the bank benefit. Each stock will cost 5 Tunisian dinars (around 1,70 euros each) with a share issue premium that shall reach 10 Tunisians dinars.

The last bank to have proceeded to a capital increase was Amen Bank last month.

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