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Juli Choquet
Friday 15 September 2017 Last update on Friday, September 15, 2017 At 12:16 PM

Eytan Schwartz Deputy Mayor in charge of the Tourism in Tel Aviv City opened the 8th Tel Aviv Cities Summit with a brilliant discourse on cities international development. The team was present to give you an overview.

Every September, the opening scene of the DLD Festival for Innovation in Tel Aviv, is a great occasion for the mayor Ron Huldai to introduce the city policy. Eytan Schwartz in charge of the tourism and the international relations of Tel Aviv Jaffa explained how the small Mediterranean town from 1934 succeeded to grow bigger.

For him Tel Aviv is “way beyond boundaries” especially because of the city’s history. If the city served all creative forces into Science, Arts and Humanities, it became “a centre for the Jewish world” and a “lighthouse of all the supreme ideas”.

20 years ago Tel Aviv developed Tourism and Arts. 10 years ago, the city pushes finance to emerge. Today Tel Aviv is a great place for Business around the world.

Eytan Schwartz Deputy Mayor in charge of the Tourism at the 8th Tel Aviv Cities Summit on September the 5th.

Then Eytan Schwartz developed another perspectives: the way cities are changing the world. How local policies respond to global challenges ? How they are influencing their own government and abroad ?

Intelligent Partnerships is the response of the deputy mayor: “Decision made in cities set a model all around the world”. Indeed the way cities as Milano or Montreal managed the air pollution is a model not only for others big cities but also a solution finding, a place of experimentation for governments. “All these are themes who were considered to be international are now dealt locally”.

In this framework, the technology inclusion is playing a vital role into cities and by extent a key role for the Start-up Nation.

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