Egypt wants the biggest electrical transmission of the world! 2
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Juli Choquet
Wednesday 20 September 2017 Last update on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 At 7:27 AM

Egyptian Electricity Transmission is about to build the biggest power plant of the world. The company aims to deliver electricity to 15 millions of people around the country.

Siège de la BNP Paribas à Paris.

This is a French group who is preparing the business plan. BNP Paribas would have invested so far 100 millions euros into the project. After Egyptian media, the French investor would like to build 2 electrical transformers for a high voltage line.

If today the conditions of the financial arrangement are remaining opaque, the Egyptian ministry of Finance has already proven his support to the project. A consortium of companies has taken over the project including the German Siemens and the Egyptian El Sewedy. On top of that the ministry of Finance supports sovereign guarantee over the consortium.

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