In Israel the Ministry of Finance is working on a new budget 2
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Monday 30 October 2017 Last update on Monday, October 30, 2017 At 8:36 AM

The Israeli ministry of Finance Moshe Kahlon is working on a budget to develop macroeconomic reforms.

Moshe Kahlon is willing to develop a one billion dollars budget for three years (2019 to 2021). The Ministry of Finance cannot vote the whole budget for other ministries without the Knesset agreement even if the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is willing to do so.

This is an old debate about changing the financial law process. The reform was not accepted last year.

Instead of adopting a budget for two or three years, The Ministry of Finance would like to be able to develop macroeconomic guidance to define the financial targets. Without a precise budget defined to every minister, Moshe Kahlon with the help of the Knesset is in a good position to determinate the main economic goal of the country.

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