Lebanese wine day to take place on US west coast on the 20th of November 2
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Friday 10 November 2017 Last update on Friday, November 10, 2017 At 5:15 PM

Lebanese Wine Day 2017 is going to take place on November 16 in San Francisco and November 20 in Los Angeles. The attendees will have the opportunity to discover Lebanese wines from 26 producers.

Wine culture in Lebanon can be traced back to the Phoenicians, and since the beginning of the 2000s the tradition was revived and wine production increased again. Today Lebanon produces 8,5 million bottles a year. This situation pushes the government to act, and the event is sponsored by the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture in partnership with the American Lebanese Chamber of Commerce.

« It’s a long-term work that pays off a little more each year, we want help put the Lebanese wine on the global map » said Edouard Kosremelli general manager of Château Kefraya who will be present at the two days. This trade event is open to qualified wine trade (retail, restaurant, wholesale) and wine media only announces the organizers « our target is the professionals who will discover here Lebanese production and diversity » complete Edouard Kosremelli. Indeed the American market is the really interesting for wine exporters, with 31 million hectoliters per year in 2015, United State is the world’s largest consumer wine market.

In 2016 Lebanon exported for 2,7 million dollars in US market, a little increase compared to 2015 when an amount of exports was around 2 million dollars.

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