Egypt: What if Tuk-Tuk were an alternative transportation mode in Cairo? 2
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Juli Choquet
Tuesday 5 December 2017 Last update on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 At 11:29 AM

A Syrian businessman living in Cairo might have found a solution to the very heavy car traffic of Cairo. The new generation Tuk-Tuk transport mode could also be an alternative to the ongoing rise in oil prices.

The original version of the Egyptian Tuk-Tuk.

The capital of Egypt is well known for its heavy traffic jam. Despite solutions like the Uber boat deployed by Uber in Summer 2017, the fuel price hikes are pushing inhabitants to find another way of transportation. Abdel Hamid a Syrian who arrived in Egypt 6 years ago created a new generation of Tuk-Tuk service in Cairo. The four wheels car is environment-friendly and consume a small oil quantity.

After the Minister of Petroleum Tarik El Mullah, the price of the 92-octane petrol rose up to 40% and the 80 octanes to 50%. Since June 12 billion loan was funded by the International Monetary Fund for structuring the Egyptian economy including the oil and gas inflation estimated around 50%.

The project settled only a year ago is now operating in the Six of October city with several roaming vehicles. Then Abdel Hamid wants to develop the electric version of the Tuks-Tuks with full comfort and even air conditioning.

On top of the environmental gain, the company aims to create jobs for people with special disabilities estimated around 8,5 millions of people living in Egypt according to the WTO (World Health Organization). But before, the entrepreneur is waiting for the government to allow driving license of those cars. The originality of the project is that if the three Wheels Tuk Tuk are already famous in Egypt, they were bought from India or China. Abdel Hamid, a 34 years old engineer built his vehicles in Egypt for a cheaper price (a bit more than 2 000 $ each) than the others imported (valued around 2 150 $ each).

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