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Juli Choquet
Thursday 4 January 2018 Last update on Thursday, January 4, 2018 At 9:58 AM

In 2017, 3.6 million of tourists visited Israel. This represents 25% more than the results registered last year launched by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. Where are the tourists mainly come from?

View of the Jerusalem city.

This is an absolute record of the tourist number that Israel broke last year in 2017. 3 .6 million of people visited Israel generating 5,8 billion dollars to the national economy.

If Jerusalem represents 76% of the chosen destination, 67% went visiting Tel-Aviv, 49% to the Dead Sea and 35% have been to the Sea of Tiberias and to the Galilee region.

The majority of the tourists are coming from the United States representing 700 000 people. Russia is the second larger group with 307 000 people. Then those are the people coming from France with 284 000 visitors, from Germany with 202 000 tourists, and the United Kingdom with 185 000 visitors which are representing the top 5 nationalities.

After the Globes statistics, 59% of the whole tourists were coming from the first time to the country. 25% of them declared a religious peregrination goal to their visitation. 24% of the tourists were in Israel to visit their relatives or friends and 23% declared they came for visiting and hiking. Only 6% of the visitors came with a tour package.

The marketing plan initiated by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism around the word seems to work with efficiency as 2017 is the best touristic year than ever!

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