Morocco to strengthen its trading ties with Spain and France 2
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Kheireddine Batache
Monday 8 January 2018 Last update on Monday, January 8, 2018 At 3:38 PM

According to the foreign exchange regulatory authority, Spain and France were the leading trade partners of Morocco in 2016 with a global turnover worth around 20 billion dollars.

In the long list of Morocco’s trading partners, Spain stood at the top in 2016 with a turnover worth 10, 6 billion dollars, a 13, 9 % increase comparing to the 9,3 billions dollars of 2015.

Furthermore, Morocco’s imports from Spain rose from 4, 4 billion dollars to 6, 2 billion dollars, while exports hit a significant progression from 4, 2 billion dollars to 5, 1 billion dollars, a 21,4 % increase.

As for France, this had been Kingdom’s first partner during many during many years, it ranked second in 2016 with a trade volume of 9, 5 billion dollars instead of 8, 4 billion dollars in 2015. However, a progression of 13 % was registered in the bilateral exchanges of goods and services.

Among Morocco’s top exports fields in 2016, the automotive sector were the most important with almost 3 billion dollars, followed by insulated wire with 2,5 billion dollars and mixed mineral or chemical fertilizers with 1, 83 billion dollars

With a total value of exports worth 22, 6 billion dollars in 2016, the country is at the 51st position in the global exporters ranking.

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