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Juli Choquet
Friday 16 March 2018 Last update on Friday, March 16, 2018 At 10:12 AM

Smart Cities Global Technology & Investment Summit 2018 has been announced to take place in Algiers, Algeria, on June 27-28, gathering international Government and Industry leaders to assess global and regional Smart City growth strategies with a special focus on Africa and Emerging Markets. Ecomnews Med got the mayor of Algier feeling about the venue !

Abdelkader Zoukh, Mayor of Algiers.

The prestigious international event, which is under the Patronage of Abdelaziz Bouteflika, the Algerian President, and hosted by Smart City Algiers, is produced in partnership with global events business TMT Finance. The event will feature a 2 Day Global Leadership Summit, Business Exhibition and Gala Dinner.

Algerian authorities could be pleased to host the international event. “We are really honoured and delighted to be hosting such an important Smart City Global Summit in Algiers this June.” said Abdelkader Zoukh, the Mayor of Algiers.

He added: « We aim to help stimulate new international partnerships and knowledge exchange on sustainable City development and high tech investment. Technology provides a fantastic opportunity to improve the lives of all our Citizens through smart, connected investment into infrastructure and services. We are committed to harnessing that force to boost growth for our City and others across the region and globally.”

The Summit and Exhibition, which will and take place at CIC Alger (Centre International de Conferences Alger), will feature over 4 000 Delegates including International City Mayors, Government Ministers, Smart City Investment Heads and Industry CEOs and CIOs from Telecoms, Tech, Infrastructure, Finance, Energy, Security and other sectors. 

Government’s role in stimulating new technology and Smart cities investment will be a key focus of the event agenda, with 8 key focused on: IT & Telecoms Infrastructure; Data & Technology; Finance and Economy; Governance and Partnerships; Safety & Security; Mobility; Sustainability and Society.

Separate dedicated streams will also focus on new technology investment opportunities. Specifically,2 key themes will be highlighted, given their strategic importance to the success of Smart City projects in emerging markets: A startup and innovation ecosystem development stream and a diaspora stream focused on reverse brain drain strategies as a way to fast track innovation and technology development.

The Smart City Algiers project will also be in focus at the event. “The “Algiers Smart City” project has focused on crafting a pragmatic execution strategy that blends in the best synergies in terms of tech startups enablement, industry and government partnerships, and the leverage of leapfrog technologies” commented Dr Riad Hartani, Strategic Technology Advisor, Smart City Algiers.

This is potentially seen as a template that could provide a baseline for cities in emerging markets in particular“.

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