Industry: Lebanon's drugs imports are reaching abusively high levels 2
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Kheireddine Batache
Monday 19 March 2018 Last update on Monday, March 19, 2018 At 10:57 AM

According to the pharmaceutical Importers Association (LPIA), the share of generic medicines represented 43% of the total value of the pharmaceutical market.

With more than 50 pharmaceutical importers and more than 5% of annual potential growth, Lebanon is the leading market for imported pharmaceutical drugs in the Levant. In 2017, the turnover of drugs industry reached around 1,2 billion dollars. According to the LPIA, generic medicines still have an important 43% share of the global market.

Based on last year’s statistics, Lebanon imported almost 95% of the total available pharmaceutical products in the market. If local production remains that weak, it’s due to the high cost involved. Furthermore, generics represented 57% of the total quantity of pharmaceuticals. Drugs are mainly coming from the neighbouring countries (Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE) but also from North-America and Europe.

Tableau chiffres secteur pharmaceutique Liban

Data Source: Lebanese customs

As for exports, they were unsurprisingly decreasing by 3% compared to 2016, with an income of  only 54 million dollars. The top export destinations were Iraq (12, 3 million dollars), followed by the UAE (11 million dollars), Saudi Arabia (9, 8 million dollars), and Kuwait (5, 7 million dollars).

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