113 million dollars allocated by Israel to shoreline restoration along the Dead Sea 2
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Juli Choquet
Tuesday 17 April 2018 Last update on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 At 8:01 AM

The government released a subsidy program to restore the doline of the Dead Sea shore. Indeed the 113 million dollars will be invested into Tourism, Agriculture, transport and research.

The Dead Sea Sinkhole.

The dolines – a hollow caused by the karstic context of the Dead Sea region are deteriorating the wonderful landscape. As the region is famous for many foreign visitors, the government wants to low their impact on tourism.

The shore of the Dead Sea in Israel is stepping back by at least 1 meter a year. The natural evaporation, the use of water in agriculture in the East Jourdan river and the salt and minerals extraction by plants along the Dead Sea are the causes of the drought. No less than 6 000 dolines were counted in the West coast of the sea.

Around the lake, the ground is so unstable that authorities mandated a special Commission with a geological commission, the Water Authority, and the society for the Dead Sea protection.

On the 113 million dollars spent for the Dead Sea program, 47 million dollars will be invested on the sole road 90 repairs. $30 million is allocated to Tourism Development and valorisation. $7 million are devoted to a special desk dedicated to helping farmers to find other sources of water.

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