By 2021 Algeria is willing to produce 500 000 cars 2
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Juli Choquet
Thursday 19 April 2018 Last update on Thursday, April 19, 2018 At 12:58 PM

The Algerian government wants to increase the car production. Indeed cars’ trade is pushing for better export results.

You do know PSA (Peugeot) or Renault are producing cars in Algeria? Yes, it is a quite famous information in the country. But if the French companies are mostly producing spare part cars to send them back to Europe, the Algerian government is now willing to produce them entirely.

Abdelkrim Mustapha, Director of the Industrial and Technological Development from the Ministry of Industry made a public announcement at the TV on the 18th of April.

This is corresponding to the Algerian policy where the government insisted to cut the price of the locally made cars. Indeed when a vehicle is being produced in Algeria, the government wants it to be adapted to the local wages and not on a French standard basis.

Abdelkrim Mustapha explained that the first phase of the development was indeed about spare part’s vehicles, but that the « goal was really the local made ».

He added « Some companies obtained car exportation contracts with neighbouring countries including African ones ». The Director did not name any countries though. For the moment, spare cars are generally exported to the European Union countries.

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