Only 37% of the Moroccan population have access to banking services 2
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Nour Ben Omar
Wednesday 16 May 2018 Last update on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 At 4:17 PM

According to a study realised by KANTAR TNS, one of the largest research agencies worldwide, only 37% of the Moroccan population have access to banking services. About one Moroccan in ten holds on average 1,7 bank accounts. In particular, this study unveils disparities in bank account penetration, on a social, demographical and regional level.

As a matter of fact, 24.2 million bank accounts are held by only 12.6 million Moroccans until June 2017, that is 37% of the Moroccan population.

To begin with, this survey which was administered to a sample of 1 003 Moroccans (18 years or older), highlights the gap between men and women. In fact, it appears that about 54% of men hold a bank account, against only 25% for women. 

On top of that, the survey also allows to better identify customer’s profile. The bank account penetration rate is about 24% in rural areas and 45% in urban areas. Furthermore, it seems that the bank account penetration rate is higher for middle and upper classes, whereas lower classes are merely closed to the national average.

From a territorial point of view, Casablanca-Settat, Rabat-Sale-Kenitra and Marrakech-Safi represent the regions which concentrate the highest bank account penetration rate among Moroccans.

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