Palestine : Additional Qatari transfer of $15 million to the Gaza Strip 2
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Tuesday 11 December 2018 Last update on Tuesday, December 11, 2018 At 2:50 PM

Qatar provides temporary relief for some long-suffering Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Mohammed Ammadi, a Qatari diplomat, has arrived last Thursday in the Gaza Strip, through Israel’s Erez crossing, to deliver an additional $15 million, with the intention of paying the monthly salaries for Gaza’s civil servants and easing the humanitarian crisis in Palestinian territories, local media reported.

Qatar has pledged $150 million to be paid in six monthly installments for improving the humanitarian situation in the besieged Gaza Strip.

A statement from Qatar’s Foreign Ministry said the financial aid had been pledged as part of the Qatar Development Fund, the public organization in charge of distributing the country’s foreign aid. The Gaza local media outlets reported that the second installment of $150 million was transferred to Gaza through Erez crossing point on northern borders with Israel, personally accompanied by Mohammed Ammadi, chairman of the Qatari Committee to reconstruct Gaza.

The Qatari financial aid will be used as follows: the first $90 million, $15 million per month over a six months period, is used to pay the salaries of some 30,000 Hamas officials, with each employee receiving $100-$1,600, totaling $10 million. The remaining $5 million is agreed to creating a welfare programme for 50 000 poor Gazan families, with a sum equivalent to $100 for each household. The additional $60 million, transferred in installments of $10 million per month, is intended to purchase fuel to restart Gaza’s power plant and resolve the shortage of electricity.

Qatar’s delivery of financial aid to Hamas sparked fury among PA

Palestinian Authority was enraged by the Qatari financial support to Hamas, part of which was directly transferred to the Gaza Strip and not through a Palestinian governmental organization.

The PA warned that this financial aid, made with Netanyahu’s consent, is considered as an attempt to barter Palestinian political rights for humanitarian aid, ultimately strengthening Hamas’s capabilities and separating the Gaza Strip from the West Bank. “When Hamas is directly funded by Qatar and is also funded by the PA, who finances the various government services in the Strip, what will motivate it to agree to cede power in Gaza to the official [PA] government?”, Ahmad Majdalani, PLO Executive Committee member, told “Al-Hayat” daily.