Israel: Ethiopian-Israeli higher education students to receive a $40 million aid 1
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Thursday 27 June 2019 Last update on Thursday, June 27, 2019 At 7:32 AM

The goal of the plan is to boost academic excellence and to increase the number of Ethiopian-Israeli with a bachelor’s degree.

A $40.4 million (144 million shekels) plan was approved by Israel’s Council for Higher Education to support Ethiopian-Israeli students and help them succeed in higher education.

The plan is part of a government policy destined to help Israeli students of Ethiopian decent fit in better in the Israeli society. It will be executed over several years.

Only a small percentage of Israeli students of Ethiopia decent are in the higher education system because not many of them reach the universities’ required grade to enroll. And if some of them do get in, they usually drop out by the second year. The main reasons are the lack of information about academic options in university courses, as well as the lack of financial support from their family because of the socio-economic situation of the Israeli-Ethiopian community.

Its main goal is to increase by 40% the number of Ethiopian-Israeli students possessing a bachelor’s degree i.e. going from 2500 students to 3500 within five years. The plan will bear the costs from their admission in higher education until their bachelor’s degree and higher diplomas if they plan on pursuing their education. That way, the number of students dropping out of school should be minimized.

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