Legislative elections in Israel: trouble ahead for Netanyahu 1
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Tuesday 6 August 2019 Last update on Tuesday, August 6, 2019 At 8:16 AM

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who called a new vote on September 17th because he could not form a government in the spring, sees his star tarnish and his rivals get organized. Avigdor Lieberman, leader of a right-wing nationalist party, is currently the pollster of the upcoming legislative elections.

Israeli political parties are seriously preparing for the legislative elections of September 17th. This second election meeting in six months was imposed by Benyamin Netanyahu who failed after a short victory of his party to form a government. The Prime Minister, who holds this office for a total of more than thirteen years, broke in July the record of longevity held previously by David Ben Gurion, the founder of the Jewish state. He is still the favorite of polls, but his star was tarnished in recent months.

For the second time this year, Benjamin Netanyahu is playing his political future, while his judicial horizon darkens. However, the context seems to be less favorable than in the spring, as the election campaign promises to be ruthless.

Avigdor Lieberman is the main threat

According to the most recent Israeli surveys, Netanyahu’s Likud party and Lieberman’s Blue-White are very close: 30 terms for Likud, 29 for Blue-White. This is less than after the elections of April 9th, when the two lists were tied, with 35 mandates each.

In fact, the big troublemaker since last April 9th (the one the outgoing prime minister holds responsible for his failure to form a government) remains Avigdor Lieberman, president of IsraelBeittenou (Israel, our home). Credited today from 10 to 11 terms, double the number of 5 months ago, he has, so far, won his bet: to be the only one to decide the future of the next majority.

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