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Monday 13 January 2020 Last update on Monday, January 13, 2020 At 8:24 AM

Israel started to export gas to Jordan on January 1st 2020. The Hebrew state also planned to sell gas to Egypt and expected to attack Europe.

Yuval Steinitz, the Israeli Minister of Energy, announced the start of pumping natural gas from Israel to Jordan. This comes after the completion of an experimental gas pumping operation conducted by “Noble Energy”. The Hebrew state also planned to sell gas to Egypt and later to Europe. Focus!

Israel starts pumping gas to Jordan … Egypt in the coming days

Israel has started to export gas to Jordan on Wednesday, January 1st 2020. According to Israeli officials, Amman has thus become the first customer of the “most important energy project in the history” of the Hebrew state. The project aims to exploit offshore gas fields in Israeli territorial waters in the Mediterranean Sea. By obtaining its energy independence, Israel has become an energy powerhouse that is able to export natural gas to its neighbours in order to strengthen its regional position, delighted Yossi Abu, the CEO of the Israeli company Delek Drilling, member of the consortium exploiting Leviathan, the main Mediterranean deposit of Israel.

Yuval Steinitz added that Israel will start exporting gas to Egypt in the coming days. This agreement would be the most important economic cooperation between Israel and Egypt, since the peace treaty signed forty years ago in Camp David (United States).

Jordan National Electricity Company announced what it said was the start of the experimental pumping of natural gas, according to the agreement signed between the two parties in 2016. This was a 15-year gas supply contract for $ 10 billion with Israel to provide it with about 45 billion cubic meters of gas. An agreement that costed politically dear to Jordanian leaders and witnessed a popular and parliamentary opposition.

Israel plans a pipeline to Europe

The gas project has both diplomatic and economic objectives and Jordan is only the first step in the energy ambitions of Israel. The Hebrew state is also looking for customers in Europe and beyond its immediate vicinity, in order to make profitable the tens of billions of dollars invested in the three offshore gas fields.

In fact, Benjamin Netanyahu has signed a contract with Cyprus and Greece on Thursday, January 2nd, to export its gas to southern Europe. The financial Times underlines that stated objective would be to meet 10 % of the energy needs of Europe. Moreover, the EastMed project is a 1 900 Kilometres undersea pipeline, which is designed to deliver Israeli gas to Europe by 2025. Several southern European countries stand to benefit from the project and Italy is set to be the largest purchaser of the Israeli natural gas.


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