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Denys Bédarride
Friday 30 October 2020 Last update on Friday, October 30, 2020 At 1:36 PM

In early 2021, Telecom Egypt is expected to commission an international data center. Based in the Smart Village, west of Cairo, it will be the largest in the country. The technology infrastructure under construction will provide improved colocation service and higher levels of redundancy.

The incumbent telecommunications operator, Telecom Egypt, announced the construction of the “largest” international data center in Egypt. The Tier 3 technology infrastructure – offering higher levels of availability and technical resilience – will accommodate up to 2,000 racks across a complex of four modular facilities. It is located in the Smart Village, west of Cairo.

Telecom Egypt says the new data center will be the first in the country to be connected to all ten submarine fiber-optic cable landing stations in the Mediterranean and Red Sea, which gives it access to more than 60 countries around the world. It will offer enhanced colocation service and higher levels of redundancy with the ability to scale to meet growing colocation needs.

The new data center will enrich Telecom Egypt’s technological park dedicated to data storage. The state-owned company currently owns and operates six commercial data centers located in various locations in Greater Cairo and Alexandria. It doesn’t plan to stick to that number. The company says it will continue to select other sites to build its next data centers.

Telecom Egypt’s international data center is expected to be commissioned in early 2021. It aligns with government efforts to accelerate the development of the country’s ICT infrastructure and digital services into a regional technology hub.

Source : Ecofin Agency.