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Denys Bédarride
Thursday 9 February 2023 Last update on Thursday, February 9, 2023 At 12:56 PM

Turkey's revenue from the tourism sector in the past year amounted to $46,284,907,000.

This is indicated by the latest data published on January 31, by the Turkish Statistics Authority (TUIK) which shows that the income of the tourism sector over the past year has increased by 53.4% compared to to 2021 income.

The average daily expenditure per tourist amounts to 89 dollars, according to the same source.

Tourism spending increased over the past year by 130.9% from 2021 to $4,276,533,000.

Turkey received 51,387,513 foreign visitors in 2022, an increase of 71.07% from the previous year 2021.

According to an announcement published on February 1 by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Germans topped the list of nationalities who visited the country the most, with 5,679,194 people.

The Russians come second with 5,232,611 visitors, followed by the United Kingdom with 3,370,739 visitors.

Source Anadolu Agency

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