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Denys Bédarride
Friday 24 February 2023 Last update on Friday, February 24, 2023 At 8:00 AM

For nearly a decade, the bakery and confectionery segment in Egypt has been booming. Driven by a growing market and the private sector, the industry is registering new investments.

Bake Land Egypt, the main player in the market for products dedicated to bakery and confectionery, has just started the construction of a new manufacturing unit. This was revealed by Abu Zeid, commercial director of the company who confided in the daily al borsa on January 31.

At a total cost of 700 million pounds ($23 million) and financed with equity, the plant is scheduled to enter service within 3 years. According to the manager, this new investment should allow the company to increase its annual production capacity to 70,000 tonnes against a current level of around 15,000 tonnes.

The initiative is also part of a company strategy that plans to diversify its production in the tomato paste segment to take advantage of the growing demand on the local and international market.

“With the opening of the new factory, our activities related to bakery and confectionery products will be transferred there, and the existing factory will be used to manufacture tomato concentrates with the aim of supplying the local market and exporting said Mr. Zeid.

As a reminder, Bake Land Egypt was founded in 2002 and provides a wide range of inputs for the bakery and confectionery industry, such as yeasts, bread improvers, ready-to-use mixes for making sponge cakes or muffins.

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