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Denys Bédarride
Thursday 11 May 2023 Last update on Thursday, May 11, 2023 At 4:30 PM

The Palestinian Ministry of Labor in the Gaza Strip said on April 30 that 250,000 workers were unemployed in the Strip due to the ongoing Israeli blockade since 2007.

This is apparent from a press release issued by the ministry on the eve of Labor Day, celebrated on May 1 each year.

The ministry said that the measures taken by Israel towards the Gaza Strip and represented by the “strengthening of the blockade” had raised the unemployment rate to 45%, including 74% among young people.

The total number of unemployed is around 250,000,” it added.

The ministry appealed for the support of donors and supporters of all activities, programs and plans of the ministry, so that it can achieve its goals, serve the people and reduce the unemployment rate.

He also called for pressure on the occupation to increase the number of workers allowed to work in the occupied Palestinian territories.

In 2022, Israel granted thousands of permits to workers from Gaza to allow them to work in Israel or the West Bank.

These permits allow workers to pass through the Beit Hanoun checkpoint in the northern Gaza Strip on their way to Israel or the West Bank for work.

The occupation must be pressured to end its violations against farmers working in the agricultural lands of the Gaza Strip, to end its violations against fishermen and to strive to ‘expand the fishing zone,’ the statement said.

Residents of the Gaza Strip live in deteriorating economic conditions due to the strict Israeli blockade imposed on the Strip since mid-2007.

According to the latest statistics from the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, around one and a half million people in Gaza live in poverty due to the restrictions.

Source Anadolu Agency

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