L’Algérie se lie à l’Espagne pour la recherche scientifique !
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Monday 13 May 2024 Last update on Monday, May 13, 2024 At 7:00 AM

Algeria and Zambia have maintained relations in the field of higher education for almost a decade now. Until now, these relations have been limited to a programme of study grants, but the two countries hope to take their cooperation further.

Algeria and Zambia have signed a cooperation agreement in the field of higher education and scientific research. The agreement, signed on 27 April in Algiers, aims to promote cooperation between higher education establishments through student mobility, staff exchanges and the sharing of teaching experience and experience in scientific research and technology.

“The Memorandum of Understanding aims to create a bilateral framework that will enable Zambian and Algerian universities to collaborate in areas such as joint research programmes, faculty exchange programmes, student exchange programmes and the development of dual degree programmes”, wrote the Zambian Ministry of Education.  

According to the Zambian side, this partnership will enable Zambia to benefit from Algeria’s advances in the field, particularly with regard to the creation of innovation centres in universities.

The agreement signed strengthens an existing scientific and academic collaboration between the two countries. Since 2006, Algeria has been offering scholarships to Zambian students. These undergraduate scholarships enable students to study at Algerian universities. Under the new agreement, the Zambian authorities would like to see these scholarships extended to the doctoral level.

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