What is the focal point of Israeli Innovation ? 2
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Juli Choquet
Thursday 6 July 2017 Last update on Thursday, July 6, 2017 At 8:27 AM

If the start-ups are often seen as “seeds staging”, the role of investments is crucial for the Israeli economy. Ecomnews Med met Fiona Darmon from Jerusalem Venture Partner which one of the biggest investment's actor into the innovation market in Israel and Urik Kilstein from Shuffersal’s company. Together they explain their position toward the start-ups funding.


Mr Urik Kilstein from Shuffersal’s company on the 14th of June 2017.

“Identify sources of innovation”

We could think that the main idea of an investissor is to find small companies, which can grow fast. But this is slightly more than that. Fiona Darmon has already invested into 122 start-ups so far. Her daily job is basically to “identify different sources of innovation. Indeed if Israel is a small country with only 8,6 millions inhabitants and possess very few natural resources, the country detains large human resources among his community around the world.

Israel faces to the world at large

This has a direct impact on the innovation capacity for the Hebraic State. The ability to receive investment from anywhere in the world is part of the Start-up nation force. The “Tech Win Lab” is a perfect illustration on how start-up accelerators can organise and structure the market within the Israeli institutional framework.

One another goal of Fiona Darmon’s job is “to create a world class company to target the full global market”. For her the cutting edge of innovation has been constantly updated by this work of identification : a work she cannot missed. The arab sector development is also a priority for JVP who is willing to invest into it.

A result-oriented call

Urik Kilstein is always looking for company expansion as well. In the video, he makes a clear call to all the manufacturers, the producers from France, Morocco or any other area to consider the Israeli market of investments when projecting to develop innovations.

When we questioned himself about the Israeli innovation secret, Mr Kilstein thinks this because of the natural adversity of the country that the people were forced to use their “ intellectual capacity”. He shares the same conclusion than Ms Darmon about the benefits from outside” able to get outcomes “inside” the Israeli economy. 

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