1.4 billion is the price of the last commercial centre construction in Ramallah 2
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Juli Choquet
Tuesday 11 July 2017 Last update on Tuesday, July 11, 2017 At 11:06 AM

The big "Q Centre " (namely because of his shape and probably because the Qatari financed it ) has been built in Rawabi on the North East of Ramallah. An occasion for the Israeli government to show to the face of the world that investments are lead in Palestinian territories.

A view of Ramallah, in the Palestinian territories

Bashar Masri a Palestinian business man is the source of the project with the help of the Qataris invest. His goal is to make Ramallah more a “City-State” than a simple municipality. Big tower, fast internet, a huge amphitheatre (the biggest of the Middle East) : everything is made to give a good opinion of the city at a first glance. 

The Palestinian authority has not pay anything for the building which is entirely financed by Bashar Masri and their wealthy commercial partner in Qatar. The Rawabi tower will have his own hospital, water treatment and schools. 

The city quotation is : “Live, Work, Grow “. The idea behind the verbs is that Ramallah could become an attractive city with high level jobs. For that, the city needs a big reconstruction with a demanding living standards to attract the maximum of the high class people from everywhere.

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