Why is Renault investing into intelligent car system in Israel? 2
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Juli Choquet
Thursday 10 August 2017 Last update on Thursday, August 10, 2017 At 9:46 AM

The French Company Renault is about to invest in a Business Incubator specialised into smart cars. The constructor will help the start-ups from the car sector to connect each other’s.

It is a great victory for Renault who had applied to the Israeli government to compete over the public tender for advanced technology into the car sector. The Globes has announced that the Renault Nissan group won the offer despite a highly competitive environment.

The group will “create a technological incubator for innovation in Israel with start-ups developing intelligent car system or shared transportation innovation”. After the newspaper, the incubator will be located in Kiryat Atidim one of the economical centre of Tel Aviv.

The Israeli government conveyed the financial assistance they are willing to give to the project with almost 280 000 dollars allocated to the feasibility survey.

Renault Nissan is the first worldwide car manufacturer. The start-ups located into the incubator, will contribute to the group innovations by testing their ideas for real in manufactures in France or in Germany. The young companies will though benefit from the valuable experience of the Research & Development centre of the Renault Nissan Group.

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