The Israeli EyeSight technology cooperate with the automobile brand Seat 2
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Juli Choquet
Tuesday 27 February 2018 Last update on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 At 10:06 AM

The famous Spanish car manufacturer proudly announced that the next generation car will have the EyeSight technology. Both companies will be represented at the Mobile World Congress ongoing in Barcelona this week.

Seat is the only company that develops, manufacture, design and market cars in Spain. The brand is present in 80 countries, that is explaining how come 80% of its production is made for export. Last year Seat sold nearly 470 000 cars around the world.

Seat has developed a high-quality R&D centre in Spain, employing 1 000 engineers focusing on innovation technology development. Although the brand is the first investor into R&D centre in Spain, it needs to cooperate with the startup nation.

Why ? because EyeSight has a developed a technology allowing the car to recognize the driver and even the passengers. This is a digital complement to expand the cabin vision, and automatically detect any kind of danger on the road or inside the vehicle.

Stefan Ilijevic, head of Innovation and Patent at Seat declared to the Times of Israel that : “Distraction and drowsiness are factors that cause more than 30 percent of all traffic collisions, but with the help of eyeSight’s advanced driver monitoring technology, our goal is to help significantly reduce these distractions and to make driving a safer endeavor.”

Credit: EyeSight movie presentation.

The captors settled inside the vehicle are indeed able to count how much the driver is usually blinking to recognize the state of stresses or tiredness. Pupil dilatation is also able to detect risky driving due to alcohol or drugs consumption. In this case, the vehicle stops and cannot start the engine up again.

In Israel, the technology developed on a smart car that could remove human error from a driving experience are blowing up the investment market of startups.

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