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Juli Choquet
Thursday 26 April 2018 Last update on Thursday, April 26, 2018 At 8:51 AM

The international firm, working with a monthly subscription is under debts because of his new series productions coming from both movies and series. Focus on the great series’ successes of the firm.

Credit: Netflix. Picture from “Orange is the New Black”.

“Altered Carbon”, “Stranger Things”, or “Bright”: you might know those series content. They indeed cost a lot of money to Netflix. Those strategic transactions for the firm’s development in Israel. The market is largely depending on the US program. Meaning that the money invested into US series could broaden up to the English speaking countries.

Six months ago, Netflix announced $1.6 billion debt, raising the subscription price to balance the investments. Recently, the company declared in a book a $6.5 billion debts (first quarter results).

The Netflix monthly subscription charge costs for a basic one $10, $13 for a standard one and $17 for the premium subscription.

Credit: Netflix.Picture from “House of Cards”.

If Netflix registered worldwide success as “Orange is the Black”, “Haters back off”, “House of Cards” “Narcos”, “The Crown”, “Lady Dynamite” and “Black Mirror”, the finance is still uncertain.

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