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Juli Choquet
Friday 18 May 2018 Last update on Friday, May 18, 2018 At 12:54 PM

Newzik is the app allowing musicians to read without sheet music paper. Recently the company furnished the Vienna State Opera. Portrait of a success story.

Newzik has developed a unique system allowing musicians to forget about the music sheet paper. Indeed the hidden cost of a whole orchestra is unbelievable! The financial weight of sheet music paper for an orchestra’s music library is difficult to accurately measure. Estimation accounts around 45 000 $ a year after a newzik report.

Newzik was born out in Israel of passionate musicians coming together to solve a shared concern: orchestras today don’t benefit from advancements in technology. Switching from paper to digital scores will save orchestras precious time and resources.

It relieves librarians from spending days copying bows manually on musicians scores. It will prevent musicians from reading outdated and erased scores and eliminate the stress of page-turning. It is saving world-class conductors from travelling regularly with thousands of paper pages in their luggage.

In the last 4 years, Newzik has listened to the needs of musicians and orchestras, to create a platform that answers a single mission: creating a reliable tool that overcomes the limitations of paper scores while at the same time exploiting all of its benefits.

Now it might be the time for orchestras to join the digital revolution. The inevitable transition to digital has to be led carefully, taking into account each orchestras’ specific needs.

On March 23rd, Newzik was invited to speak alongside the Vienna State Opera at the Karajan music tech conference in Salzburg, Austria, where they officially announced their collaboration.

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